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Be more prepared with MyMedic First Aid Kits - An essential for Lock Down or Self-Isolation

Thanks to the fast spreading Covid 19 virus, we find ourselves living in unprecedented times and our 'home essentials list' is rapidly changing. 

Large volumes of First Aid Kits are now flying off shelves as people prepare themselves for anything. Fortunately, the good people at MyMedic First Aid Kits have let us know that they have ample stock of these much needed items.


My Medic - FAK - First Aid Kit

MyMedic has a range of First Aid Kits in a variety of colors. If you already know you want to buy one, click the button below to see the full range on MyMedic.com.

Update May 2020 - KN95 Masks are now available to buy online directly from MyMedic.com 

KN95 Face Masks are now available directly from MyMedic.com

Covid 19 is Changing our Priorities

As the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to spread, even some basic medical supplies are becoming hard to source. Although it has probably been on your List of things to have, if you don't already have a good First Aid Kit at home, then now is the time to invest in one.

As more people become quarantined, being prepared with a good First Aid Kit is considered a MUST if an emergency should arise. The situation and wait times at Hospitals and Doctors Clinics is continually changing, and not for the better.

With kids at home and some going a bit stir-crazy, misadventures are bound to happen. If an accident happens to me or one of my kids during this time, I want to have a reliable and well equipped First Aid Kit on hand.

MyMedic FAK Red

Most Popular MyMedic First Aid Kits

The Solo

Basic $50 USD - Advanced $100 USD

MyMedic Solo First Aid Kit - Color Coyote

The Solo is Compact, water resistant and lightweight.

This comes in 5 colors and fits perfectly into most backpacks and it's even safe for carry-on wherever you fly.

The Solo First Aid Kit Contents

My FAK (First Aid Kit)

Basic $120 USD - Advanced $240 USD

MyMedic FAK - First Aid Kit - Orange

The FAK (First Aid Kit) was designed to be versatile, functional and indestructible.

This Kit can be used anywhere from a day at the park with the kids, a multi-day backpacking adventure, or off-road adventures.

My FAK The Solo First Aid Kit Contents

The Recon

Basic $250 USD - Advanced $375 USD

MyMedic Recon Kit Black

The Recon is a medium-sized First Aid Kit and comes fully stocked with the best supplies available today.

It's designed to carry everything you'll need, no matter where you are or what you're doing.

The Recon Advanced Contents
Padded Back Panel
MyMedic Recon Contents of First Aid Kit

The Medic

Basic $750 USD - Advanced $1250 USD

The Medic First Aid Kit

The Medic: First Aid Kit has got it all.

The molded comfort back panel provides semi-rigid, custom-fitting support, for maximum performance.

It has adjustable padded shoulder straps, with sternum cinch and adjustable waist belt, that will keep the pack in place and balance the load even in the most rigorous conditions.

Side and top straps allow you to compress or expand depending on the load. There are multiple inner pockets to organize and separate contents.

This Kit is made to rugged military standards with lots of MOLLE straps to add on whatever you need.

The Medic First Aid Kit Contents

Shipping Costs, Tracking & Insurance

Shipping for all orders over $49 USD within the US are free. The most basic starter First Aid Kit is $50, so as long as you're in the US and are buying any My Medic First Aid Kits, then there's no need to worry about additional costs for shipping.

Insurance can be added during the Checkout process and isn't expensive.  

All orders outside of the US will be shipped using USPS Priority or USPS Priority Mail International. The exact cost will be calculated depending on your postcode but below is a Guide to international shipping costs.  

You'll be provided with a Tracking Code as soon as your order is shipped. 

  • Canada - Approximately $40 USD
  • United Kingdom - Approximately $76 USD
  • Australia - Approximate $75 USD

The story behind


"MyMedic was built off the back of a tragic accident of one of our own family members. Had the surrounding people been properly armed with a First Aid Kit, they could have saved the life of a person we all loved dearly. I think we are all feeling the importance of being prepared during this heartbreaking time."

With people now being quarantined and our hospitals, medical clinics and GPs being inundated, being prepared for any emergency with a MyMedic First Aid Kit is considered a MUST. 

MyMedic FAK in the wild

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