Here’s our guide to managing your DIY Projects during the Pandemic

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Last Updated on November 5, 2021  

How to Manage your Home DIY Projects during the Pandemic

Are you going a little stir-crazy after being inside for such a long period of time? If that’s the case, then you need something productive to help pass the time.

If you own a home, think about some DIY projects you’ve been meaning to explore. Even renters can tackle less-involved DIY home improvements and repairs, especially when they have these tips and tricks to guide them. 


Here’s a guide to some projects you can DIY to help you while you’re spending a little time at home.

How to Pay for DIY and Home Improvement Projects

If you aren’t sure how to cover the expenses involved with DIY updates, repairs, and improvements, know that you may have some options available to you.

One financial option for covering home repairs and improvements is to refinance your mortgage. This may seem like an odd step to take during a global pandemic, but mortgage rates are actually pretty low right now.

As such, you should be able to find a better deal than you are currently getting for your home loan, which means that you should have more money left over for improvements.

Keep in mind that those rates and economic factors can change from day to day, so you should talk with your current lender and do your homework before you pursue this option.

You can also think about opening a new account with a rewards credit card, which will give you more freedom to pay for more expensive projects and will also give you rewards you can use in the future. Rewards can vary from travel perks to actual cash, so check out different cards to see which is right for you.

If you are eligible for a stimulus payment, you can also put some of those funds towards your DIY home improvements.

Where to Focus DIY Home Improvement Efforts

Now for the more fun part: deciding which DIY projects you’re going to work on over the coming weeks!

You may have some repairs or improvements in mind, but if not, there are a few areas where you may want to focus your energy and efforts.

A DIY home security system, for instance, could boost the safety and value of your home and you can install one of these simple systems in an hour or two. Some of these systems even come with a video doorbell and security camera options, so you will be able to keep an eye on your home even if you need to make a run for essentials.

Having this added protection can help you feel less stressed about your home, but there are also DIY updates that can help you reduce even more stress.

If you are looking for ways to relax and unwind, you could always create a yoga or meditation room in your home. A quiet room or corner of your home will work just fine and you don’t need a lot of supplies to create a soothing space.

If security or stress-relieving projects don’t appeal to you, you can also look for ways to boost your home's value.

How to Complete DIY Home Improvements Safely

Once you have your costs and projects planned out, you need to make sure you can complete your DIY repairs and updates safely.

Start by staying safe while you go out to gather supplies from local stores. Maintain an appropriate distance whenever possible, wear a mask when shopping in busier shops and utilize curb side pick-up options.

 Hardware stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot are typically deemed essential, so you should be able to buy supplies from these places but check your state and local guidelines.

Beyond public safety, you also need to keep some basic safety tips in mind before you start on your projects. Make sure your project space is well-lit and tidy and keep a first aid kit on hand in case of accidents.

Finally, never attempt DIY home maintenance or repair projects that should be left up to licensed professionals.

DIY projects can be a positive way to pass the time in quarantine. So, use this guide to find a few DIY home projects to keep you busy and safe while you’re still in lockdown.

After all, being productive is always a healthy way to cope with stress and change.


Lisa Martin

-Guest Author-

Lisa Martin believes that  if you want to truly be happy, you need to be your own inspiration!

After a career switch from Business Administration into Personal Fitness Training, Lisa realized that the people have a lot of personal improvement goals, and not just those regarding their physical health. She took a leap of faith and started helping others with life coaching services.

As well as working with her clients, Lisa has a website, so she can reach as wide an audience as possible, and encourage others to put their dreams first. 

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